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Miracle On Wheels(MOW)

‘Miracle On Wheels’ is India’s firstprofessional organization for wheelchair dance theatre productions where the artists are exclusively Person with disabilities (PWDs).

The artists of Miracle On Wheels (MOW) exhibit extraordinary talents on stage which have won the Guinness Book of World Records and Limca Book of World Records. MOW has emerged as a pioneer in presenting wheelchair dance performances In-Persons and Virtual Events. They perform for every Occasion Exhibitions, Brand and Product launches, Television shows, Corporate Shows, conferences, Founder’s day, Television shows, Award nights, Product launches, Family nights, Motivational shows, Educational institutions, Dance Festivals, Fund Raising Shows, Weddings receptions, Birthday parties, Government shows, etc.

With a legacy of over three decades Our Shows are Entertaining, Empowering, Educating, Inspiring, Creative, Motivating, and life-transforming! We deliver the best performances in the world. We have performed pan India, USA, UK, Canada, South Africa, Moscow, France, Italy, Kuwait, Egypt, Dubai, and Oman to mention a few…


Dr. Syed Sallauddin Pasha

Founder and Artistic Director

He is the pioneer of classical dance on wheelchairs, which he incorporated especially for People with disabilities. His 30 years of dedication in this field have won him several awards and recognitions including the National award from the President of India. Professionally trained in Bharatanatyam, Kathak, and Choreography he has directed and choreographed 100’s Therapeutic Dance Productions for Persons with disabilities in India and Abroad.


Mahiraa Jaan Pasha


Has organized performances across the nation and worldwide. With 20 years of experience and efficiency has made Miracle on wheels an extremely successful performing Unit. she handles the administration and coordination of the troupe during national and international tours.


Syed Ashiq Pasha


Ashiq is the world’s first professional Bharatanatyam Dancer. His disability has never hindered him being a good film editor, Music Editor, Graphic Designer, Lighting Designer. He has performed in many national and international festivals and in televisions shows.

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